Saturday, October 7, 2017

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory 2017 Click-Off!

Every year I submit images to the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory's annual "Click-Off" fundraising event.  Entries require a fee which goes to much needed bird protection programs in the bay area and it is one of the ways I like to contribute. This year, they added a World Birds category and I am very happy to be honored with joint first prize for my snowy sheathbill and gentoo penguins image from Port Lockroy, Antarctica.

I also received two Merit Awards in both the Bird Behavior and Birds & Humans categories.  The bald eagle with a ground squirrel was captured in Milpitas, California where two bald eagles set up a nest this year in a large redwood tree in the grounds of an elementary school. They certainly generated a great deal of interest and successfully produced an offspring.

The fleeing snowy plovers was captured at Seabright State Beach in Santa Cruz, California. Visitors to the beaches along the California coast many times do not notice resting birds in the sand right below their feet. Off leash dogs are also an issue as owners ignore signage posted at various access points.  This causes the birds to continually flee, using up much needed energy reserves.  To learn more about these beautiful, little birds and their plight, I have more information and images here.