Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Arctic Highlights - Part Two

I always make sure I bring my GoPro on all the expedition tours I take, as I find it is fantastic for capturing time lapse footage. I generally set it up on the top deck of the ship and include the front of the bow to convey a sense of scale, particularly while traversing through areas with large icebergs!  I also include footage from other parts of the ship and on this most recent trip, I tested out the view looking back on both the port and starboard sides.

Here is a video I compiled using a combination of short clips, primarily as we traversed the stunning fjords of east Greenland. 

The GoPro version I use is the Hero4 Silver Edition. I particularly love the touch screen back, which makes it very easy to adjust settings quickly and I use the open back protective casing allowing easy access. If I was to put the GoPro under water, I would switch the back for the full protective casing. I learned my lesson the hard way last year by putting the GoPro in the water, not realizing I had not switched and it was completely ruined.

I use the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp, which allows me to clip the camera onto a variety of spots around the ship. I have found this to be the most sturdy and versatile attachment after trying a variety of other options including the Jobu Gorillapod, which I would wrap around a pipe only for it to slip down due to the vibration from the ship's engine, whereas the Jaws Flex Clamp stays firmly in place.

Settings are as follows:

Mode: Time Lapse Video
Interval: 5 Seconds
Resolution: 4K

I prefer the Time Lapse Video mode as opposed to the Time Lapse Photo mode simply because the video is compiled "in-camera. If I wanted stills from the video, I would go with the latter.  Note however, in the Time Lapse Video mode there is no option as far as the field of view i.e.: Wide, Medium, Narrow.

I compile the video using the now obsolete "GoPro Studio", which I thankfully have on my laptop and desktop computers. I have heard the new "GoPro Quik" is lacking many of the previous features, which makes very little sense to me.  Otherwise I would go with iMovie as an alternative.

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